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Website Monitoring: Problem with https connection and certificate overrides

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Hi there

Thanks very much for the latest version of this - that has helped with access to our internal load balancer which has an internally self signed certificate.

I am now able to access our website through our LB which uses the self signed cert however I'd like to check for availability of the hosts behind the LB directly. Unfortunately we do not have certificates for these hosts and connecting directly to the hosts doesn't work for those direct URL's.

I've got this working in the meantime through a curl script where I use the -k option to ignore certificate issues - wonder if there is a fix for this so I can use the dashboard for hosts directly in addition to the website with the cert.


Rob T.

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Are you trying to use HTTPS for the hosts without certificates?

Have you tried just connecting with standard HTTP to the hosts behind the load balancer? We have a similar scenario for our web service endpoints. Only the externally accessible LB is has a server certificate, which you can connect via HTTPS to monitor, but to monitor the host endpoints directly we use HTTP.

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