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VCuser permissions in Splunk VMware App

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Do we have any information regarding what permission the vcuser account needs to have in Splunk VMWare app?

When granting the vcuser local admin rights (the one used in the engine.template file on the FA vm) everything works properly.

For security reasons customer wishes to revolke local admin rights and grant specific permissions to a user without elevated rights.

Are the permissions documented anywhere?

The document at, but the page does not appear to explain this.

Customer can only get this to work when user has local admin rights.

Customer also like to know what exactly is checked with that script on the vcenter server with the vcuser.

Customer is also looking a description what correlation is between the vcenter server and the esxi hosts. Their understanding is the hosts use completely different credentials so even the vcenter server has some permission problem, the esxi hosts should send data.

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A full list of requirements for the virtual center user account can be found here:

the link you supplied is missing an "s"

If there was a miss-print in our documentation, please let me know where it is located so we can get it fixed!

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