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Tooltips and Popovers js not working in 7.3



First of all thanks a lot for the App as it was really useful for us in various ways!

I am using the popover js in some of our dashboards.

It was working nice but since we have upgraded to 7.3.4 it sadly does not "popover" anymore.

I have tried from the App to be sure as well as from various Web browsers.

I would be glad to help but I just can't do js 😞

        $, Ready) {

        $("[data-popover]").attr("data-toggle", "popover").popover()
        $("[data-tooltip]").attr("data-toggle", "tooltip").tooltip()

//# sourceURL=ex36-tooltips-and-popovers.js

alt text

If anyone as a hint on what is wrong here it would be great!

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