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Technology add-on mailclient: Why am I receiving a CSV Attachment TypeError "Mail found with unexpected codec"?


Hello, I am testing this app out with CSV attachments -- already 10x better than our current IMAP ingestion. For all of the emails I've tested, I am receiving the following error:

#BEGIN_ATTACHMENT: *attachment name*.csv
Mail found with unexpected codec - <type 'exceptions.TypeError'>
#END_ATTACHMENT: *attachment name*.csv

This is with 1.3.7dev. The CSV attached in this example is pure UTF-8, no quotes, three columns, 45 lines. There is one blank line on line 46, but I imagine this wouldn't break parsing a CSV file. I don't have control over the received emails, but they will be as described, so I haven't tested removing the last blank line.

Any assistance in fixing this would be greatly appreciated. Regards,

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