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TA Falcon FileVantage bug in version 2.1.0 - events merged -> proposal of fix

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CrowdStrike Falcon FileVantage Technical Add-On

When the api return more than one event, the result in splunk is one event with the all jsons merged together making splunk json parsing to fail.

For the python code it is seem to be what was wished with the join here  :






            helper.log_info(f"{log_label}: Preparing to send: {len(event_data)} FileVantage events to Splunk index: {data_index}")
 -->           events = '\n'.join(json.dumps(line) for line in event_data)
            filevantage_data = helper.new_event(source=helper.get_input_type(), index=helper.get_output_index(), sourcetype=helper.get_sourcetype(), data=events)
            helper.log_info(f"{log_label}: Data for {len(event_data)} events from FileVantage successfully pushed to Splunk index: {data_index}")






So it is important to make a proper splunk props.conf to un-split events with a LINE_BREAKER :






splunk@ncesplkpoc01:~/etc/apps/TA_crowdstrike_falcon_filevantage$ cat local/props.conf 







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