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HI Splunk Gurus.

I am trying to create a form using the splunkdj framework and have used the below in

from splunkdj.setup import forms

class SetupForm(forms.Form):
    email1   = forms.EmailField(endpoint='configs/conf-mysetup', entity='customerinfo' , field='email',max_length=100)
    email2   = forms.EmailField(endpoint='configs/conf-mysetup', entity='customerinfo' , field='email',max_length=100)
    password = forms.CharField(endpoint='configs/conf-mysetup', entity='customerinfo'  , field='password',max_length=100,widget=forms.PasswordInput(render_value=True))

the same works good. But i want to change the same from Email fields and password fields to add more text fields , and check boxes. Not sure how i can do the same. All help in regards to the same is appreciated along with any references where i can look in for similar situations to tackle similar situations as well. like to understand what all values each of the arguments can carry etc,

thank You in Advance

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ive tried it mate. It did not help . I am trying to king to access the variables passed and am not able to retreive them even using a normal request.POST.get('variable_name',None) method. Not sure what is going wrong

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