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Hi all.
I have to get data from database which is on one machine and indexer on another machine. So How do i get the data from the database? Can Splunk Db connect App be installed on Splunk Forwarder?
Thanks in advance.

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How Splunk DB Connect works - v 2.0.2:

Download the Splunk DB Connect add-on, and then follow the instructions in either the single-server or distributed deployment installation topics. You can use Splunk DB Connect on a heavy forwarder to support continual data gathering or output. For more interactive use, including lookups, you should install the add-on on a search head.

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you install the DB connect App on your indexer.
There you create an JDBC Connection to the Database Server.

The DBX (DB connect App) can't be installed on the Universal Forwarder.
Please take a look here


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But i have the database on another splunk instance and i have to forward that data to an indexer on another machine. Both are not on the same Splunk instance.

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