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Splunk for Windows Infrastructure app -Dashboard issue



I installed and deployed the Splunk for Windows Infrastructure app some time ago and most of it works except the Performance Monitoring dashboard has no data. I can open the dashboard and run the searches(you have to go to the job inspector to actually see the searches) that are populating that dashboard and get results but there's still no data in the dashboard.

For example this search when I run it returns sparklines with results by host:
search eventtype="perfmon_windows" (Host="*") Host="*" object="Processor" counter="% User Time" instance="*" | stats sparkline(avg(Value)) as Trend avg(Value) as Average, max(Value) as Peak, latest(Value) as Current, latest(_time) as "Last Updated" by Host | convert ctime("Last Updated") | sort - Current | eval Average=round(Average, 2) | eval Peak=round(Peak, 2) | eval Current=round(Current, 2)

BUT this dashboard panel shows no data over the last 24 hours.(I would attach screenshots if I could)

What would be causing this?


Todd Waller

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This is actually a bug and has been reported to Splunk Support

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This is actually a bug and has been reported to Splunk Support

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