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Splunk app FTP Receiver troubleshooting


We have installed FTP Receiver app and followed configuration as advised by author Luke Murphey on github.

However, when we want to check if the app is running by the following SpL, we get nothing. Does it mean FTP receiver is running successfully ?

index=_internal sourcetype=ftp*

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Hi @MeenaGoel ,

No, if you're not getting any information in the _internal index for the ftp* sourcetype, the app is probably not running properly. You can check to see if the app is running by looking at the ports the host is listening on. If the app is running you should see the host listening on port(s) 20 & 21 (default FTP ports).

You can also test connectivity by issuing an FTP connection to the host to see if it responds, asking for a username and password.

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