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Splunk Stream 7.1.2 app failed to decrypte payload



We've upgraded our Splunk Stream app from 6.4.2 version to the latest 7.1.2 version successfully and now we are trying to upgrade our UF with the latest Splunk_TA_stream version but after the upgrade we stop receiving encrypted data.
We have two applications that run on different ports and use the same key, but only one of port is getting collected to Splunk.
Except updating Splunk Stream app we didn't change nothing and if we rollback to the previous version (6.4.2) it begin to work again.

We are receiving the following errors from the application that stop to be collected with the new Stream app:
1. SSL decryption error (DSSL library error code -41)
2. hs_failed, session: (ssl)

All the configuration are the same over the two apps, Anyone had that issue and can help?

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