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Splunk Jenkins plugin not working with Splunk Cloud Trial

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Trying to test out the Jenkins Plugin for Splunk, but keep getting "Connection Reset" when I do a test.  I'm able to curl to the HTTP Endpoint Collector with no issue.

For the curl, I am not using the input nor the http-inputs before the hostname: 

curl -k -H "Authorization: Splunk mytoken" -d "{\"event\": \"testing curl\"}"
result: {"text":"Success","code":0}

The Jenkins plugin seems to want me to use the input/http-inputs wording in the URL before the hostname.  I get this as a warning message: "You are using Splunk Cloud, please provide host name starts input- or http-inputs-, please try or See also" (The link it gives is not helpful).  When I use the or along with 443 as the port, I get "name or service not known".  The curl reacts the same way when these parameters are used.

When I use just with 8088 as the port, I get "Connection Reset".

I'm running Jenkins Enterprise and Splunk is 8.0.2006.

Thanks in advance.

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