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(Splunk Dashboards App Beta) How to Customize Table

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I've tried using Splunk Dashboards App Beta and I got to say, It's the best!

I'd just like to know if there's a way for some of these features to be added
Is there anyway for the data in the table to all be in one page and just viewed using the vertical scroll bar?

Is there a way for the rows of table be highlighted depending on column value? a RAG status to be specific.

Thanks so much for the awesome work.

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How about control of column width in tables?
It seems my tables in the beta app gets more or less the same with, so fields containing short text or numerical elements take up too much space from those with longer text strings for example.
Seem not to adjust well automatically and I am not finding a way to control it manually, any ideas?

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@neuroredvio I am afraid that kind of customization is currently not possible in Splunk Dashboard Beta. If your app is cloud native you can explore Splunk Cloud Services where you can extend the visualizations through React:

You can also submit your idea on from where it can be picked up by Splunk Development team based on number of votes each idea gets.

Navigation is Apps & Add Ons> Supported Apps > Dashboard (Beta)

PS: The expected behavior of Table with Vertical Scroll is possible in Simple XML Dashboard with CSS Extension if you are interested: Refer to the answer by @vnravikumar

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