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Splunk DB Connect to MySQL with SSL and cert

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Does anyone has idea how to setup MySQL connection using SSL and certs?
I've read the answer below and imported my ca.pem into the keystore, but still not working?

Connect Splunk DB Connect to MariaDB with SSL and cert 1 answer

I've also search the web regarding jdbc connections using ssl certs, but still unable to see which or how am I suppose to load these certs into the app so I can connect to my database
and the db_connections.conf.spec.example from README folder included in the app doesn't have MySQL usage in it

I have

which of these should I import into keystore/truststore?

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Yeah same issue in 2021, from an app perspective there is no information where you should import the keys.

I hope someone give us an answer. I have tried importing the keys in the java keystore and in the app into the default.jks file. I also tried creating a custom keystore and trust store, whoever it seems the app doesn't pick it up.

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Did you get any answer for this? I am also looking for the same.

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