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Splunk DB Connect: dbxquery error



My dbconnect 2.0 was working fine till now and suddenly i found that its not pulling data for past few days. Its now giving invalid query error in my connection(Explorer).

  1. Invalid Query : External search command 'dbxquery' returned error code 1. First 1000 (of 1485) bytes of script output: "RuntimeError: Failed to run query:
  2. Query runs if I remove the "order by created" part from the end.
  3. This same query is still working fine in Operations- Db Inputs and showing me the preview of the table.
  4. I don't see any pending jdbc driver update.

For now I have removed the order by clause in connection query. Will it change my data, my query is db inputs is updated one.

Kindly advise.

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Re: Splunk DB Connect: dbxquery error


dbconnect gets disabled after 6 failed tries and you have to enable it manually in the Operations==>for each Db Input to fix the issue.

The setting for keeping it always enabled was already done in our dbconnect inputs.conf, but which doesn't seem to always work.

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