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Splunk Common Information Model (CIM): What is the proper way to declare dependency of CIM?

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Our app depends on CIM. So we want to declare this dependency in app.manifest. But we encountered the following problems:
1. slim generate-manifest failed to detect the dependency of CIM. So we have to manually edit the dependencies section for a static dependency: "dependencies": {"Splunk_SA_CIM":{"version": ">=4.8.0", "package":"splunk-common-information-model-cim_4100.tgz"}}
2. We downloaded the cim: splunk-common-information-model-cim_4100.tgz, and put it in the same folder we run slim.
3. We use "slim package OUR_APP -r ." to generate the tar.gz.
4. slim created a tar.gz file with the dependencies.
5. When we use Splunk Enterprise 7.0.2 to install this app from file, Splunk complains: "There was an error processing the upload. Invalid app contents: archive contains more than one immediate subdirectory: and .dependencies"
6. We can tell from the tar.gz file that there are two folders: One is our App_name, the other is .dependencies. The CIM module is in the .dependencies folder.
7. We use "slim validate" to validate the tar.gz it packaged, slim is happy.

What did we do wrong here please? What is the proper way to declare dependency of CIM please?


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Any help will be greatly appreciated! Right now we are stuck in certification because of this.

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