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Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure - Support for XML events?

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Does anyone know if Splunk is working on support for XML-events in Splunk App for Windows Infrastructure?

I currently render windows event logs in XML (Using Windows TA - renderXml=true) as to force it too use English, but to actually use the Windows infrastructure app and populate the dashboards I have to turn this off. My problem is that not all off my clients use English by default, which in turn will affect how data is presented in the app since there would now be data in multiple languages. This could create confusion for the end user and is non optimal.

I've not found any way to force English in event logs outside of enabling renderXml. Changing the language on clients or any other significant change in the OS is not an option at this stage. If there is no planned support through the App for Windows infrastructure, is there any other way to fix this?

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The idea seems to be under consideration by Splunk, see Splunk Ideas.

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