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Splunk App for Unix and Linux - Dashboard opens then goes blank


Install the app and the add-on got data that can be searched and fits the settings in the app. I can run the settings preview and get data back but, when I open the app the page loads, the configuration pop-up fires, then it goes blank. The page goes completely blank. Menu bar is still there and active. Other pages load, via the menu bar but go to waiting for data or no data found. Anyone else with this problem?

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I can remember facing that issue while using a particular version of Firefox (68.6.0esr (64 bits). Then I switched to Chrome and problem disappeared

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Should have given more info. RHEL 7 In a closed environment using Firefox and IE only two choices. Everything has been cleared and popups allowed. Firewalls are down. I'll dig into the Dev tools. Should have thought about that before, case of looking at something too long thinking its a nail when it might be a screw.

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Hello @SLSorensen

Looks more like a browser issue than Splunk.

Have you tried using a different browser?
or cleared the cache of your current browser?
or checked the browser Developer tools (assuming you're using Chrome) and see if it will show some error before and after the page goes blank?

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