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Splunk App AWS 500 Error on Configuration



Currently having an issue with configuring the Splunk APP for AWS. Here is some background on the installation before I get into it.
Windows 2012 R2
Splunk Enterprise 7.0.1
Distributed environment. (App was deployed via a deployment server)
Splunk AWS Add-On installed and running.

The problem: Each time I open the splunk app for aws and click the "configure tab" it immediately gives me a 500 error and tells me to check the web_service.log for details that it doesn't actually create. The app seems to be functioning as all the pages load and look for data except the configure page. Digging a bit deeper into this, I found the following in a system log file.

2018-01-19 09:25:31,558 [ERROR] [] Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:Program", line 20, in <module>
    service = LocalServiceManager(app=util.APP_NAME, session_key=session_key).get_local_service()
  File "C:Program FilesSplunketcappsSplunk_App_awsin\", line 15, in __init__
    splunkd_host_port = self._get_entity(CONF_WEB, 'settings').get('mgmtHostPort', '')
  File "C:Program FilesSplunketcappsSplunk_App_awsin\", line 28, in _get_entity
    return entity.getEntity(path, name, sessionKey=self._session_key, namespace=self._app, owner=self._owner)
  File "C:Program", line 249, in getEntity
    serverResponse, serverContent = rest.simpleRequest(uri, getargs=kwargs, sessionKey=sessionKey, raiseAllErrors=True)
  File "C:Program FilesSplunkPython-2.7Libsite-packagessplunk", line 550, in simpleRequest
    raise splunk.ResourceNotFound(uri, extendedMessages=extractMessages(body))
ResourceNotFound: [HTTP 404]; [{'code': None, 'text': 'Application does not exist: splunk_app_aws', 'type': 'ERROR'}]

It seems as though it is indeed looking for the config page and assets but simply not finding them? Am I missing something simple here or is a setting misconfigured? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @jkostovich , Did you ever resolve this?

If not, do you know if you had a customer management port configured? You can check via Splunk Web by going to Settings -> Server Settings -> General Settings and checking the management port or checking the mgmtHostPort set in the [settings] stanza of web.conf.

If your management port is different from the default of 8089, this could indicate a connection to Bug ADDON-17613, where the AWS Add-On has issues not recognizing custom management ports. The solution would be to set your management port to 8089 if possible or set a routing table on the local machine to map/forward 8089 to your custom port.

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I have been continuing to research this and it may be a permissions issue, not entirely sure though.

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