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Splunk Add-ons for Microsoft Windows/Unix and Linux: Can I reduce the volume of data indexed by increasing the script intervals?



It is my understanding that the Splunk Add-on for Unix and Linux scripts that run take a snapshot in time on the nix servers correct? So if that is true, to reduce the amount of data that we are ingesting for index=os, all I have to do is change the intervals to something longer. An example would be if I were increase the intervals by 3x, I would theoretically reduce the data being ingested by 3x. As we have 250G/day license and OS is using 60G/day on average and now we are starting to go over on our licensing on a regular basis. So I am trying to reduce the Splunk_TA_nix add-on and the Splunk Add-on for Microsoft Windows so we are not getting as much data from those add-ons.


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You're correct - if you go into the TA apps, you can copy the inputs.conf out of default, and place it into local. Then edit that version, increasing the interval. A lot of the inputs are scripted inputs, so they run a unix command at those intervals, adding all data pulled back.

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