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Template for Citrix XenApp: Are lookup_host_farm.csv and lookup_host_farm_staging.csv updated manually or automatically?

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Dear Experts,

We have installed the Template for Citrix XenApp application on the Splunk machine and installed the universal forwarder on the target zone collector and XenApp servers. We also copied the respective add-ons on the servers.

Now we are facing an issue where lookup_host_farm.csv and lookup_host_farm_staging.csv are not updating automatically.

Please let me know, how this lookup file is updating i.e., manually or automatically?

If file is not updated, what logs and steps are required to check? Pease let us know ASAP

kumaran dp

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The lookup_host_farm_staging.csv file is populated by a scheduled saved search named "Lookup - Host to Farm" (it runs every 24 hours). You will notice in the saved search that there is a custom command called "updatehostfarmlookup" that runs at the end which will update the lookup_host_farm.csv file. (The reason it was done this way is that trying to read and update the same lookup file on a Windows system would lock the file and not allow updates. So, by writing to a staging file first and then updating it with the custom command after the search is done will update the file.)

You can manually run this search by going to the Help menu within the Template for Citrix XenApp app, then select "Rebuild Lookup Files" -> "Rebuild Host to Farm Lookup File".

You can look for errors (in this or any other app) by running a search with "index=_internal".

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