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has anyone passed static values into the alert to create an incident in ServiceNow? I was able to modify the, snow_incident_base. and snow_incident.html and successfully to create an incident in ServiceNow. (reference: However, now I want to populate some static fields in Splunk so users don't have to enter so many details. Below is an example of my I've added the first two ("category", "Application") and ("contact_type", "3rd-party"), both originally set to 'None', however when creating a new alert, these default values are not populating. Any suggestions? Am I missing a corresponding location in the other two files/scripts?

    # (field_name, default_value)
    fields = (("category", "Application"), ("short_description", None),
              ("contact_type", "3rd-party"), ("splunk_url", url), ("urgency", ""),
              ("subcategory", ""), ("state", "4"), ("comments", ""),
              ("location", ""), ("impact", "3"),
              ("correlation_id", ""),
              ("priority", "4"), ("assignment_group", ""),("u_caller", "Splunk Guest"), ("u_environment", "PRODUCTION"),("correlation_display", ""),
              ("u_incident_cause_owner", "FIS"), ("u_incident_cause_code", ""), 
               ("u_close_code", ""), ("u_close_notes", ""),("u_root_cause_reason", ""))
              ("u_incident_cause_owner", "FIS"), ("u_incident_cause_code", ""), 
               ("u_close_code", ""), ("u_close_notes", ""),("u_root_cause_reason", ""))
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