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I've configured Azure integration app for Office 365 add-on. I've created a secret, added rights, and scope for app. I've added the tenant. And when I go to add an input the tenant and content drop downs look correct and populated. But when I go to save the input it returns "! Not Found" Any ideas would be appreciated.


Hi @sbgoldberg13 

Let's try to look at it from scrap.
Step 1:-  Configure Tenant.
Step 2:- Configure Proxy if needed.
Step 3:- Create input.

If still, it's not working.  Please go to the setting and in logging select log level as DEBUG.


For troubleshooting run index=_internal sourcetype="splunk:ta:o365:log" and check for errors and warnings.


If this helps your like will be appreciated 😊

New Member

Come across this issue today after setting the app up. Haven't found a way to fix it yet. 

Anyone able to advise? Documentation isn't really very clear + doesn't offer any troubleshooting assistance. 

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