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Splunk Add-on for Amazon Web Services: Why are VPC Flow logs writing to local index and not our storage based index?


We started collecting VPC flow logs at some point. But it started writing them to /opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/$INDEXNAME instead of the /EBS/$INDEXNAME which is where the actual index I wanted to write was. This is only datamodelsummary info. When switched to default or main we see the same thing. It writes to the local / directory instead of EBS. Anyone know how to change this? So we decided to remove the vpcflow information all together, but somehow it keeps coming in. I'm not sure how it's getting the info, how to make it stop, or how to make it at least go to the right place. Any ideas?

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It should work like this: in your inputs.conf, you define which index the data is sent to. In indexes.conf, you define where an input is located on disk.

Did you set up any of these .conf files by hand, or are you using them as they came with the app? I must admit I don't know what the standard settings are, but you should probably check the app and see a) which index your data is routed to and b) where that index is located, and change those settings accordingly.

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