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Sideview Utils: Is it possible to push TextField content to the downstream modules automatically every time the input content is updated?

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I would like to know whether is possible or not to push a TextField content to the downstream modules automatically every time its content changes (something like allowSoftSubmit PullDown, which, whenever the user changes its value, the downstream modules are automatically affected).

In other words, I want the modules after the TextField to receive its updated content every time the user writes a character in the TextField.

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I think the driver behind this question, is some behavior where a user types into a textfield, and then focuses into a different form element further down the page and interacts there. In some cases, and this was much more prevalent with older Utils builds, the final search is dispatched without including the argument from the TextField.

I notice this question is tagged with the LGPL version of Sideview Utils, which is 1.3.5. The current version is 3.3.3. Here are the release notes. If you really do still have 1.3.5, go to the release notes and try and scroll down to 1.3.5. You will see how ancient the build you have is. Update to the latest.

And I have to say that you really don't want the solution you're describing. If the TextField module actually did a full push on every keypress, you would be dispatching and cancelling searches constantly, one cancel/dispatch pair for every keypress. The UI and your browser would really not respond well to this. 😃

Bottom line - if you upgrade and it's still happening, can you share the XML for your view and the exact bug/behavior that's leading you to ask the question?

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Hi kikexclusive,

If i understanded your problem, this is an code example:

Try to run it!

<view autoCancelInterval="90" isSticky="False" isVisible="true" onunloadCancelJobs="true" template="dashboard.html">
<label>TextField - intro</label>
<module name="AccountBar" layoutPanel="appHeader"/>
<module name="AppBar" layoutPanel="appHeader"/>
<module name="SideviewUtils" layoutPanel="appHeader"/>
<module name="Message" layoutPanel="messaging">
<param name="filter">*</param>
<param name="maxSize">2</param>
<param name="clearOnJobDispatch">False</param>
<module name="HTML" layoutPanel="viewHeader">
<param name="html">
<![CDATA[ <h1>TextField - Templated example</h1> ]]>

<module name="TextField" layoutPanel="panel_row2_col1" autoRun="True">
<param name="name">exclusion</param>
<param name="float">left</param>
<param name="template">NOT ( $value$ )</param>
<param name="label">exclude events containing:</param>
<param name="default">splunkd</param>
<module name="Button">
<param name="allowSoftSubmit">True</param>
<module name="Search">
<param name="search">
index=_internal source="*metrics.log" group="per_sourcetype_thruput" $exclusion$ | stats avg(eps) by series
<param name="earliest">-1h</param>
<param name="latest">now</param>
<module name="JobProgressIndicator"/>
<module name="Pager">
<param name="entityName">results</param>
<module name="SimpleResultsTable">
<param name="displayRowNumbers">False</param>
<param name="entityName">results</param>


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Thanks for answering. Nevertheless, I think I missed some details in my question. Not only I want to downstream the TextField, but I want this to happen every time the content of the TextField. Imagine, you are typing in a TextField, every key stroke you press, the nested should update with the current content of the TextField.

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