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Seeking sanity check on 'FATAL: Error in 'DebugCommand': Hot dbs rolled out to warm for index:<index>'


I attempted to run the following in order to roll hot to warm buckets, tested with all indexes and also specific indexes to validate what I was seeing:

splunk search "| debug cmd=roll"


splunk search "| debug cmd=roll index=fw"

and received results

'FATAL: Error in 'DebugCommand': Hot dbs rolled out to warm for index'

I'm not finding any explanation for this or examples of expected results but am thinking this to be the case that there is nothing to roll? This is on a freshly installed system that I have moved all indexes.conf to indexes.conf.tmp and started splunk so I could ideally migrate old db data without having to play too much surgery. Since I'm fairly new to this I'd like to get any perspective before moving forward. Thanks.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Error -> Success! The error is just a mechanism being (ab)used to report the success of your action.

In 4.1.4, there will be a splunk bucket-maint command-line command to perform this action.

The '|debug' search method continues to emit an error at this time, because the command line search implementation only emits errors, and the foolishness of the error is better than the foolishness of no feedback at all. In a 4.2 or later relase we will empower the command line to emit non-error informational messages.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey Zach, Sorry to say but this is a misleading debug message, as it still gives that message upon a succesful roll. Which you can see by doing a ls -lt on your db directory.

Our rolling commands in upcoming versions are being improved to give a better success message.

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