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Receive Traps and Events from Solarwinds

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Hi Experts,

We are building up a centralized syslog and snmp (trap+polls) collection point in our network using Splunk solution.

Will this add-on (SNMP Modular Input) foot the bill, we are going to keep the Solarwinds and we want it to act as only SNMP aggregation point for all the network devices.

Is there any other better way to do the task?

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alt text

Hi Damien,

To better explain the situation, I have drawn a little diagram. we will be forwarding the Devices' Traps and Poll to the Splunk via Solarwinds Application natively using a forwarding connector.

In this scenario, what will be the better approach should we install the snmp-module-input add-on or use the snmpd to receive the traffic and then forward it to the indexers!


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@waseemmemon what solution did you end up with? I am weighing between replicating my solarwinds environment in Splunk with each ping and snmp trap being replicated or is there an easier way to get it from Solarwinds itself?

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Yes , it can poll attributes and catch traps for SNMP v 1/2/3 and you can also apply Solarwind MIBs.

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