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REST API Modular Input: Duplicates when fetching data from Twitter

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I'll pulling Tweets from a list using the /lists/statuses API

But the events are being duplicated, and I think this is because there is no way for me to specify the since_id param in the request URL.
What I would ideally like to do is, when tweets are fetched, store the max(id_str) value somewhere and pass it as a request param to the next invocation.
How can I accomplish this ?

Also does the module support ARRAYs and decomposes individual events from the Array ? Currently I'm passing count=1 argument, but ideally I would like to pass in count=100 (the max allowed) so as to be able to pull in more than 1 tweet per call.

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I think that the twitter response json format may have changed since I wrote that response handler.

Try this instead :

class TwitterEventHandler:

    def __init__(self,**args):

    def __call__(self, response_object,raw_response_output,response_type,req_args,endpoint):       

        if response_type == "json":        
            output = json.loads(raw_response_output)
            last_tweet_indexed_id = 0
            for twitter_event in output:
                if "id_str" in twitter_event:
                    tweet_id = twitter_event["id_str"]
                    if tweet_id > last_tweet_indexed_id:
                        last_tweet_indexed_id = tweet_id

            if not "params" in req_args:
                req_args["params"] = {}

            req_args["params"]["since_id"] = last_tweet_indexed_id

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The App does come with an example custom response handler for Twitter.

Look at TwitterEventHandler in rest_ta/bin/

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Thanks for the pointer Damien, But Setting the ResponseHandler to TwitterEventHandler produces no events in the index. At least with the DefaultEventHandler I was getting the index to populate.

Here are my settings
Endpoint URL :
URL Arguments : slug=XXXXXX,owner_screen_name=XXXXXX,count=100
Response Type : json
Response Handler : TwitterEventHandler
Stream Request : Checked
Source Type : From list / _json

Am I missing something ? I even checked Index Error Response, but nothing in the index.

Thanks for helping out.

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