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Question around Add-on for HAProxy

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Wondering if anyone is able to help answer a couple of questions we have around Splunk Add-on for HAProxy as we would like to consider using this.

1. Is there a cost for using this Add-on over and above existing Splunk Enterprise license.
2. On the description page it list that it is compatible with Splunk Versions: 6.5, 6.4, 6.3, 6.2. We are now on version 7.0.3, can you confirm if this add on is also compatible with this newer version? I would have thought it should be but want to verify this.

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There is no cost on this beyond your license, apps on Splunkbase are free if you can simply download them there. Only very few have special license costed associated, but then it's mentioned in the docs.

The add-on seems to not have been updated since 2016, but that might simply be due to the fact that haproxy logs structure didn't change. I can't make any guarantees on compatibility with Splunk 7.x, but I'd assume as it's a rather basic add-on, it should work fine.

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