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Qualys Continuous Monitoring <-> Splunk

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How can I integrate Qualys Continuous Monitoring (CM)  Module with Splunk ?

Our requirement is to get the alerts generated by CM to be ingested / visible In Splunk. Splunk will then generate an incident accordingly for any alerts received by CM.  

 In this following ppt ( https://Ten-Inc.Com/Presentations/Qualys-Continuous-Monitoring-Protect-Global-Perimeter.Pdf ) On Page 11 it talks about integrating  (Cont. Monitoring) Module With Splunk but they have not provided any details.

We have installed the Qualys TA In Splunk, can see the vulnerability data coming in to our Splunk and tried creating some searches . But the search results do not contain detailed information for us to trigger an alert off it.   I have  also looked at the  document:  https://www.Qualys.Com/Docs/Qualys-Ta-For-Splunk.Pdf  ), It does not say anything about CM Module .


Please Advise 

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