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Pulling in LDAP information (Integration with MS AD Objects / Search Activity)

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The support request feature within the add-on goes to a 404 page, so I figured I would ask my question here.

Our organization currently uses the MS AD Objects Splunk application to pull our LDAP information, so we do not use the Splunk LDAP app (SA-ldapsearch), which seems it may be a requirement for this app. My question is, is there a way to modify the code so that it looks for the lookup files in other locations or so that we can use the functionality of MS AD Objects with Search Activity, it seems like the option may be there with the existing LDAP Lookup option in setup. Is this a possibility, or is there a way to specify a file that contains the AD/LDAP lookup information without going through SA-ldapsearch?

The application looks great, hoping this is a possibility. Thank you

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