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Is there a way to get the worklog data using the Add-on for JIRA?


I can get the worklog information using a curl command but I cannot seem to get it using the jqlsearch in the Add-on.
curl -k -L -u username "http://myjiraserver/rest/api/2/search?jql=key=PS-2461&fields=worklog"

This does not work however and returns no results:
| jira jqlsearch "key='PS-2461' AND fields='worklog'"

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Unfortunately I don't have this setup at the moment but looking at the documentation side

My first guess is that you need to invoke it like this:
| jira jqlsearch "key='PS-2461'" fields "worklog"

Second guess would be:
| jira jqlsearch "key='PS-2461'" fields "[worklog]"