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Proxy Settings in Splunk Add-on for AWS



I am using the Splunk Add-on for AWS app to ingest data from SQS/S3.

One of the requirements is that the traffic is done through a proxy.

I noticed from the Splunk Add-on for AWS web UI there are proxy settings. When set, it generates a passwords.conf file containing a hash - I am guessing that it is the Proxy URL hashed.

As we do everything via configuration management, it would be awesome to just have this in the conf file.

I did notice that in Splunk Add-on for AWS's aws_settings.conf file, there is a Proxy stanza. When I set the options in this it doesn't take effect in the Web UI.

Will the proxy settings in aws_settings.conf be used even though it doesn't show in the Web UI?



Hi @allisterantosik . Were you ever able to solve this issue? I'm having trouble getting this configuration to stick when I restart Splunk.

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Is someone able to solve it?



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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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