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Props / Transforms issue with File/Directory Information Input app


We have the File/Directory Information input app installed in our environment. We are seeing this warning in splunkd.log:

Invalid key-value parser, ignoring it, transform_name='kv-extraction-for-types'

I looked at props and it is looking for:
REPORT-0-kv-extraction-for-types = kv-extraction-for-types

In transforms, there is no matching entry. The closest one is called [kv-extraction-for-ace-types].

I assume this was just a typo of some sort but I wanted to bring it to the attention of the developer of the app, LukeMerphey.

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Good find. This indeed looks like a bug. I opened a ticket to get this resolved and am planning to fix this in a maintenance release (1.3.1). See ticket 2278 for details.

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