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Proofpoint TAP Modular Input App: ERROR ExecProcessor

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Hi all,
after installing the "Proofpoint TAP Modular Input", there is the following error in: _internal splunkd

11-30-2018 15:51:44.512 +0100 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python "C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\TA-Proofpoint-TAP\bin\"" proofpoint_tap_siem://proofpoint_stanza_tap: stream_events/proofpoint_tap_siem://proofpoint_stanza_tap: An error occurred updating credentials. Please ensure your user account has admin_all_objects and/or list_storage_passwords capabilities. Details: 'No such entity proofpoint_tap_siem_proofpoint_stanza_tap_********%5Csplunkproxy%3A'

i use admin account with enabled "admin_all_objects and/or list_storage_passwords". Any idea?

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no idea about the proof point TA, but its stated in the docs that Splunk CIM Add-on is required, so just a thought, did you install the CIM add on?

Might want to check out this as well:

From this older post: it seems to be a genral issue, you could try to connect

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Hi dkeck, thanks for the answer.
i think the issue could be related to this part:
"Details: 'No such entity proofpoint_tap_siem_proofpoint_stanza_tap_%5Csplunkproxy%3A'"
i can't find what should be the "entity"

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Wich version of splunk and the app do you use?

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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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