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Procedure in Splunk DBConnect 3.1

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Hey guys
Tell me how to set the time, which is indicated in the procedure for how much time to show the data ?
For example, I have this procedure in MSSQL

In MSSCL, I address it like this EXEC Staging.[dbo].[mon_GetCountRecentOrdersFailures_App] 1

Where at the end of the procedure is the digit -1. Selection of data from the procedure for the last 1 minute.
How can I make the same request in Splunk ?
I did it like this - | dbxquery connection="Monitor_MSSQL" procedure="{call Staging.[dbo].[mon_GetCountRecentOrdersFailures_App]}"

The request works, but I do not know for what time this data was received.

In the manual ( there are some parameters "params" that are passed to the called procedure

How to correctly specify this in the request of the SPL using the command dbxquery ?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Can you try the following syntax?

| dbxquery connection="Monitor_MSSQL" procedure="{call Staging.[dbo].[mon_GetCountRecentOrdersFailures_App](?)}" params="1"

I could not test the above on MS SQL server but I have tested stored procedures on Oracle database in which the first parameter is reserved for output for dbxquery command.

1] Create a stored procedure using the following SQL

     p_ref_cursor  OUT SYS_REFCURSOR, 
     id          IN  VARCHAR,
     dep_id      IN  VARCHAR)
  OPEN p_ref_cursor FOR 
    SELECT * FROM  employees WHERE employee_id = id and department_id = dep_id;
END  dbx;

2] Run dbxquery command.

   | dbxquery connection=oracle procedure="{call dbx(?,?,?) }" params="173,81"

This worked for me.

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