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Postgres input issue

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I'm traying to migrate data from a Postgres database to Splunk. I decided to use Splunk DB Connect to indexing all information, at first we had some problems to configure the data input but now it’s fixed. We installed a previous version and now we could correctly configure the input with the following configuration:

Rising type

This is an example of my table data:

alt text

With the next query:

FROM "fan." "fan." "val_fan_data."
WHERE fan_time > ?
ORDER BY fan_time ASC

And using the following configuration

alt text

I having data since April or May this year, when I want to run the query with a checkpoint value from 4.01.2019 throws the following error: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR can't write over block number 235170 of the temp file. No splace left on the device.

We have tried to increase the timeout but apparently the problem is the lack of memory.

So I raised the date of the query to 8.01.2019 so that it could finish the query and finish the input configuration (loosing 2 or 3 months data) but we want to get absolutely all the information to be able to visualize it from the index.

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