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Pinger App configuration on Windows Server


I am trying to test the Pinger application in our lab but am not able to get it running.

The steps i did are as follows

  1. Installed the app
  2. Created teh local folde under pinger
  3. copied the input.conf file to the local folder and changed the //./bin/ to ://.\bin\
  4. Added the file pinger.conf in local folder with contents as follows

location = Lab

label = Google
host =
resource = /

After this restarted the splunk but i am not able to get any dat. ANy help would be appreciated

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Hi binuj

your path in the inputs.conf is wrong, windows need to have the \ instead of / in the path, like this:

[script://.\bin\sospowershell.cmd ps_sos.ps1]

so change your path in the input.conf to script://.\bin\ and you should be fine.
If not so, check the index=_internal for related errors or look in the splunkd.log directly.

hope this helps.

cheers, MuS


so have you checked splunkd.log for errors? can the service account running splunk, access the script and run it?

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Sorry i have missed in the question i send. As i had mentioned it was changed. I just missed the \

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