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Splunk Employee

Has anyone done anything around OEM integrations with Splunk. Can you share your experience?

CUSTOMER: Oracle Enterprise Manager also captures log info into OEM from each database instance and database server via the Oracle Grid agent. Just wanted to know if anyone has “intergrated” splunk with OEM or how it is done.

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I have setup a number of oracle-specific sourcetypes for various Oracle database and application servers we have. This does include monitoring some OEM agent logs (which may only be useful in diagnosing oracle agent issues.)

Unfortunately, we haven't done much done in terms of integrating any of this information. I myself am not very familiar with what all OEM provides, but I know that some of the newer stuff seems really slick. It seems that there is plenty of graphs, reports and the ability to drill down to find and review core issues. So (at least at first glance) it would seem rather silly to try to duplicate all of those dashboards in splunk. That said, I think you may find times where it would be useful to have the full power of splunk search capabilities to search across the boundaries imposed by existing dashboards in OEM. I guess I'm not sure if your looking to simple integration like with links between the web interfaces, which I'm sure is possible, or for something deeper.

Sorry, I don't really have much info for you. I'd be willing to provide some sample oracle sourcetype configs if your would like. (I'm certainly interested to see if anyone else has any comments on this topic. Even if no one else responds, please post back any progress or decisions you make in regards to this.)

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


I'd be willing to provide some sample oracle sourcetype configs if your would like.

That would be great!

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