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Obfuscating passwords with and Splunk for VMware

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Howdy all,

As I work my way through the installation and configuration documentation for Splunk for VMware I've run in to a problem. I'm trying to follow the instructions for obfuscating the passwords but I'm running in to some problems.

The instructions talk about an engine.conf file which doesn't seem to exist in version 2.0. I have an engine.template file and then all of the files that are generated by based on that template file.

Do I need to create individual credential files for each configuration file I have and then concatenate them together? Is there some way I can use the engine.template file? I've tried this and doesn't seem to like it.

Thoughts and suggestions are welcome

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Re: Obfuscating passwords with and Splunk for VMware

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Guess this answer is a little late, but I ran into the same problem while setting up the the FAVM for the Splunk App for VMware 2.0.

I had 4 engine*.conf files generated by


I managed to create a combined credentials.conf file by doing: -f enginetaskeventlogs.conf engineperf.conf engineinvvc1.conf enginehierarchy.conf -c

If you run --help, you'll see that it accepts multiple inputs.

Don't forget to remove all username and password entries from each stanza in each engine*.conf file, then restart Splunk on the FAVM.

Hope this helps!

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