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OPSEC LEA App 4 - state of connection

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How do I see the state of the connection to the Checkpoint Log/Management Servers - like in previous version I always saw the last communication.

This is be really important- we just installed the new version, created new inputs (with old certificates) and no data is coming in.

Thank you

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You can monitor from the heavy forwarder side, as well as from the management server. In my case, I have a heavy forwarder on Red Hat, and a secondary management server that I'm connecting to for log retrieval.

I open a screen session, and split the view into 2 panes.

On the HF:

watch -n 1 "ps aux | grep -i opsec"

On the management server:

watch -n 1 "ps aux | grep -i lea"

From there I can see the number of lealoggrabber sessions running from the HF, and the number of leasession instances on the Check Point box.

On a related note, I'm also having trouble retrieving data. It seems to circle around pulling SmartDefense data, or if I use the Non-Audit setting (which also includes SmartDefense).

I'm still testing, but have found that I need to disable all inputs on the HF, restart the splunk process and reboot the management server to get to a clean state to work from.

Hope that helps.

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