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No data indexed into Splunk when using scripted input


I have installed Splunk Add-on for Tenable, and currently using the scripted input to ingest .nessus file.
I have used the default settings which the default input folder is $SPLUNK_HOME\etc\apps\Splunk_TA_nessus\spool.

When I copied in the .nessus files. I saw the files disappeared, and files are created at $SPLUNK_HOME\var\spool\splunk.
But when I check my index, there is no data there. I search the _internal for the files status, below is what I got:

06-21-2017 23:19:43.053 +0800 INFO Metrics - group=per_source_thruput, series="d:\program files\splunk\var\spool\splunk\Homereview_va_credential_oh461v.nessus", kbps=6.337355, eps=16.935651, kb=196.456055, ev=525, avg_age=0.000000, max_age=0

May I know why I do not get any data in the splunk index?

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Path Finder

The message shows that the data is indexed. Maybe you forgot to create the index?
Did you search in all the indexes for the sourcetype?
Do you have any errors?

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