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No billing data in dashboard for splunk app with cost and usage reports configured


I have used Splunk addon for aws and configured the billing inputs(cost and usage reports). I was able to get the reports under my main index with sourcetype=aws:billing:cur and was able to see them under detailed_billing_cur data model. However, When i try to use the historical monthly billing and historical daily billing dashboards i was not able to get billing data in the dashboard. I have configured the dashboard to use billing cost and usage report under the configure section of the Splunk app. Also, i have selected the required tags I need under the configure section. When i get deep into the searches for the dashboards there was source="*20200801-*" AND (source="*12463346-sf456-235fsd-dh4-ea45gb4675774*")). I could find the source=20200801 as this is the month of the report. but couldn't find any source with (source="*12463346-sf456-235fsd-dh4-ea45gb4675774*") in the datamodel. I could find this under billing_report_assemblyid_cur input lookup as a different field named assemblyid. The other source which i could find is the csv file itself and it looks like Can youhelp me whether i should change anything?  

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