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NetApp Data OnTAP 8.1.4 support in Splunk App for Data OnTAP


Dear All,

I have a NetApp Data OnTAP 8.1.4 7-mode server and I need to monitor it with Splunk and the Splunk App for Data OnTAP (current version 2.1.5). However, the current version only supports OnTAP 8.2 and above.

Is there an old version of the Splunk App that does support Data OnTAP 8.1.4 7-mode?

Kindest regards,


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There is a version drop down on the right side of the app download page,
did you try any of the older versions.
Like 2.1.0 was released in Sept 2015.
When was 8.1.4 released?

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