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Monitoring *nix : CPU, iostat, vmstat, etc. Only getting data from two machines.


Hi all,

Recently I noticed that some information regarding *nix machines is missing. If in the search I put "source=cpu", i only have events from two machines. It shows much more machines if I put "source=ps" or "source=df".

I have looked so many *.conf files, looking for a list to configure what machines are monitorized, or where I can blacklist/whitelist IPs to monitor.

I have reviewed all the "inputs.conf" files that I found, and I don't see anything anomalous.

In addition, I have did some tests with "sh --debug", and this is the message "Not found any of commands [sar mpstat] on this host, quitting"

Please, can you tell me where and how I have to configure this?

Thanks in advance.

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we our using the TA_Nix for all our Linux Systems without any Problems.
Can you post your inputs.conf? Which Linux Systems do you want to monitor?



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