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Gsuite Input Add-On Error 500 API REST


Hi Splunkers,

I have a Heavy Forwarder using this IA-G Suite Add-on app.

The app worked properly last year, but now is having some issues to retrieve the data from the API.

In _internal index show the following error:




2020-07-15 10:31:39,492 log_level=ERROR pid=11773 tid=MainThread file="" function="print_error" line_number="659" version="GSuiteForSplunk.v1.3.1.b261" host=IA-GSuiteForSplunk sourcetype=IA-GSuiteForSplunk:error source=gapps:EXAMPLE.COM {"errors": [{"msg": "<HttpError 500 when requesting returned \"Backend Error\">", "input_name": "ga://activity", "filename": "", "exception_type": "HttpError", "line": 511, "exception_arguments": "<HttpError 500 when requesting returned \"Backend Error\">"}], "log_level": "ERROR", "timestamp": "Wed, 15 Jul 2020 14:31:39 +0000"}





Its shows that the problem could be in the G Suite side, but we can't find any clue what could it be


Thanks You so much!

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