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Is it possible to monitor a line of text from a url? Monitoring the url is fine using the Website Monitoring App, but we would like to go a level deeper and monitor if any of the text changes.
The output is as follows :
{"csp configuration file":"1.03","icc version":"8.8.1 build 1860 patch 0","icc host":"servername","plans running":6,"plans":6}

Basically the numbers at the end need to remain constant, if they differ, we need an alert raised.


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@justindett, there is an option when you create an input for Website Monitoring that may help you with what you are trying to do.

Use the 'Include Raw Output' checkbox under the Timeout field. This will capture the raw output from your check into a new event with the sourcetype of webping:response. You can then use a search to check the value of plans running against plans.

index=website_monitoring sourcetype=webping:response source=webping://something 'plans running'<plans

You can use the output from this search to create an alert.

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