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Monitor system load average (not CPU) with Unix|Linux TA?

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Is it possible to monitor system load average, e.g.:

$ uptime
 09:49:57 up 11 days, 17:35,  1 user,  load average: 1.36, 1.09, 1.00

With the Unix|Linux TA on a Universal Forwarder? I see cpu_load_percentage, but this measure isn't jiving with the system's reported load average.

CPU load is [..] processes using a slice of CPU time [..] or queued up to use the CPU. Unix refers to this as the run-queue length: the sum of the number of processes that are currently running plus the number that are waiting (queued) to run. --

My understanding is that cpu_load_percentage will never exceed 100%, but we would like to see how much we're over-subscribing our VMs that are being monitored.


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You could put a script into an etc/apps/foo/bin directory that contains a simple uptime call and run that script as a scripted input on whatever schedule you need, much like the Unix TA does as well. Give it a sourcetype you like, and set that to something like this in props.conf:

EXTRACT-load = load average: (?<load_1m>[\d.]+), (?<load_5m>[\d.]+), (?<load_15m>[\d.]+)
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