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Lookup File Editor App: Unable to edit field values in KV Store lookup.



I have created a KV Store lookup. When I try to edit the lookup using the Lookup File Editor app, I am unable to edit values for a specific field name.

Any thoughts ???

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Could we get some details about what is happening? Let me know the answers to the questions below and I'll see if I can determine what the issue is.

  1. "I am unable to edit or values for a specific field name": are you saying that you cannot edit a particular field (but can others)?
  2. What version of the Lookup Editor are you using?
  3. Does editing CSV based lookups work?
  4. Does the issue only affect this particular KV lookup? Can you try making another KV store lookup and seeing if that works?
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We are experiencing the same issue. It looks like it is actually dropping the last line that is added. It is only affecting some users. We had the users clear their cache and we cleared the cache on the servers as well.

We are using version 3.4.1.

In our case the user is trying to edit a .csv so I would assume that it would be an issue for kvlookups as well.

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