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Jira Service Desk Simple Add-On : Fails to create ticket in Jira manually using splunk query.

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Hi, We are trying to integrate Splunk Cloud with our Atlassian Jira cloud instance. We have configured the app 'Jira Service Desk Simple Add-On'( and under 'Trigger Actions' I am able to see this action and also able to create/open ticket in Jira via this option. But I want to create ticket in Jira manually via splunk query using 'sendalert' command. When I tried to do, I'm getting the error 'Error in 'sendalert' command: Alert script returned error code 3.'  May be the fields that I'm providing is not correct. Could someone help me in fixing the issue that I'm facing.

|sendalert jira_service_desk jira_account="JiraCloud" projectKey=“SOR” summary=“My Header” issueTypeName=“Task” priority=“Medium”  labels="Security" 

It would be great if someone could provide me the fields that I should mention as part of this query inorder to create a ticket in Jira cloud.

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Hi, I got the same error while trying to use "sendalert" command for risk modifiers. The reason for the problem was if you have "No result" for the search, you are getting error. If you have some results, you are not getting any error.  So, if you want to test it, i would recommend to run it by extending time range or edit the search to get results. This helped me, i hope it helps you as well 🙂

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