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Java Invalid Parameter Error when using DBConnect Rising Column



I am trying to setup a new input on Splunk DBConnect (V 3.1.4) to connect and retrieve data from MSSQL Server using MS-SQL Server Using jTDS Driver. Identity and Connection were setup successfully and a simple select * from <View Name> gets the data into the Preview Data pane. But as soon as I select any Rising Column and execute the query, following error is show.

alt text

Tried different types for rising column(int, datetime etc) but they all end up with the error show above. In another thread it was mentioned that permissions on /opt/splunk/var/lib/splunk/modinputs/server/splunk_app_db_connect might be a reason but those seem fine to me, although the folder itself is empty. There is no checkpoint value stored.

alt text

What could be causing this issue? Anything wrong with the version I am using?


~ Abhi


Hello @abhijittikekar,

I dont think there is any issue with Splunk Version because i am using the same with no issues.
Please try the below steps:
1. First try to run the query directly, which i think you have already tried.
2. Then after that select checkpoint field and enter the value of checkpoint.
3. Then update the query to have checkpoint information: i.e. SELECT * FROM VIEW_NAME WHERE CHECKPOINT_VALUE > ? ORDER BY CHECKPOINT_VALUE
4. I think this will solve your issue.

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